September 7, 2022

Worthless NTSB Report Adds to Faulty Safety Data

Episode 131

Continuing the discussion started in Episode 128, the deficiencies of the NTSB report of a plane crash in Palo Alto are laid out. John, Greg, and Todd conclude that the report actually contributes to the problem of inaccurate data leading to time and money being spent on the wrong aviation safety issues.

Estimates are that more than 50 percent of NTSB reports are inaccurate, incorrect or outright wrong. This report is highlighted as a case in point.

Greg outlines several questions not answered – or incorrectly addressed – in the report. Here are just a few:

  • The departure clearance provided calls to turn right after takeoff, but the pilot turned left. Why?
  • Both engines were working. Why was the aircraft so low following takeoff?
  • Why did the NTSB spend so much time looking at the engines and no time looking at instrumentation?

“There are many issues with open questions that are not answered,” Greg says. “This is not a beneficial report to understand the cause or contributing factors.”

Todd adds that the media coverage of the air crash characterized the pilot as experienced and dedicated to safe operations. Yet, the NTSB did not look into what would lead him to make the errors apparent that day.

Listen to find out why the Flight Safety Detectives think this report does a disservice to the pilot, other victims and aviation safety overall.

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