March 11, 2022

Malaysian Flight 370 Crash Update Plus War Impacts Aviation Safety

Episode 108

Efforts continue to get to the bottom of the crash of MH 370. Eight years after the crash, John and Todd are in touch with the people who are working to find the wreckage and uncover the facts.

John shares the latest developments from a group in Australia advocating to move the search area to the south. Hear the evidence that points to the crash being a murder/suicide event.

Sanctions on Russian commercial aircraft and planes operated by Russian interests are in the news. Companies that provide support are cutting ties. Aircraft leases are being canceled.

Todd shares an update on his effort to update his pilot certification. His goal is to earn an instrument rating in a glass cockpit.

“One of the biggest changes is that the technology that was in airliners in the 1980s is now in general aviation aircraft,” Todd says. “I have a new perspective on the challenges general aviation pilots face with new technologies and systems.”

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