March 17, 2021

Contained or Uncontained?

Episode 61

Discussion of the United Airlines 777 engine explosion continues with guest Mike Borfitz. The focus is the three systems that make up the engine cowling.

At the initial NTSB hearing, the chairman was pointed in saying that the recent event was technically a contained engine failure. Yet, most industry experts say the evidence points to an uncontained failure.

Borfitz is an FAA designated engineering representative. He shares his knowledge of current regulations and expectations. Among his key points is that airframe manufacturers and engine manufacturers must work together to prevent future disasters.

John, Greg and Mike walk through the evidence so far. They discuss the three separate systems that make up an airframe’s engine cowling and how they interface with the engine.

Is it time for regulations to be updated to reflect the current aircraft and engine design and technology? Are new approaches needed to cowling design?

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