March 23, 2022

Compton Crash Is a Lesson in What Not to Do

Episode 110

The ultimate tragedy of a runway crash at the Compton airport is that is never should have happened. For Greg, Todd and John, it’s a textbook example of what not do to as a pilot.

They explore the many bad decisions made by the pilot of a vintage T28 Warbird that landed on top of a Cessna 152.

As they review the information in the NTSB docket about the accident, Greg concludes, “there was no logic in decision making and operational discipline.”

Get the full analysis of what went wrong. The emphasis of this episode is the critical responsibility of the pilot in command to ensure safety before, during and after flight.

Greg and John also share takeaways following presentations to a flight department in Arizona. They highlight how structure and procedures can improve flight safety.

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