August 11, 2022

Air Safety Insights Comes Addressing the Whys the NTSB Misses

Episode 127

A look beyond the NTSB documentation of a Cessna 421C crash in Florida. Greg and John review the many important “whys’ not answered in the report.

Why did the pilot not properly follow procedures to handle engine failure despite completing a training program just 90 days earlier?

Why was a pilot who had recently completed a certified training program so ill prepared for handle an engine failure scenario?

Why was there loss of torque in several bolts and other internal engine damage?

“A lot of valuable safety information could have been uncovered and shared for the benefit of the industry, especially general aviation,” Greg says. John adds that the hesitation to dig into anything that happens inside the maintenance hangar prevents maintenance personnel from learning all they can from accidents.

Armed with the proper information and training, the pilot in this accident could have dealt with the engine failure, kept airspeed, and made a controlled landing. Greg and John want other pilots to benefit from these safety findings.

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Report for accident number ERA13FA082

Public docket for accident report ERA13FA082

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